Portonovi Resort

Project Information

Project Name:

Portonovi Resort




Hospitality, Retail, Residence


Construction and Installation

Completion Date:




Perfect Harmony of Nature and Life with a Mediterranean Style Landscape


  • 65554

    m² Soft Landscape

  • 8820

    m2 Natural Stone Paving

  • 7654

    m2 Concrete Stone Paving

About Portonovi Resort

Portonovi Resort is located in an area surrounded by wild beauty. The landscape holds unexpected possibilities for adventure seekers, from hidden coastal coves to quaint villages beneath epic limestone peaks.

The resort town of Portovino was built to offer different experiences in all seasons, all year round. The landscape of Portonovi Resort has also been developed for all four seasons in accordance with this requirement. The project includes a hotel, marina, yacht club, luxury residential complex, as well as many other facilities, from shops and galleries to gyms, sports clubs, and wellness centers. The common issue that is especially taken into account in the landscaping of these facilities, which have different uses, is to create a living space in harmony with the wild nature. In addition to all this, this unique holiday resort is surrounded by a private white sand beach, outdoor pools, and fragrant flower gardens applied by Karaoğlu Landscape.

Why Was Karaoğlu Landscape Chosen for the Portonovi Project?

Aiming to serve in the luxury sphere, Karaoglu Landscape was chosen for Portonovi Resort, due to its high standard and innovative application expectations. Karaoglu Landscape, with its fast, high quality, and reliable solutions, has implemented the project in accordance with its design, in harmony with the surrounding wild nature and life.

Karaoglu Landscape Installations & Implementations with Numbers

  • 65554 m2 Soft Landscape
  • 927 Trees
  • 7725 Shrubs
  • 68.524 Small Plants
  • 8.820 Natural Stone Paving
  • 3.250 M2 Wall Cladding
  • 7.654 M2 Concrete Stone Paving
  • Slope Roof Soft Landscape Works
  • Cloud Gardens
  • Rock Garden
  • Anchor Gardens
  • Green Terraces
  • Skate park
  • Tennis Court
  • Family Enterance Portals
  • Playground
  • Love Tunnels
  • Grass Cell Paving
  • Hydroseeding
  • Park and Street Lİghting Works
  • Sculptural Seagulls
  • Tree Gate
  • Benches
  • Bollards
  • Pergolas
  • Stage Tents
  • Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Works