10 Important Factors When Considering Commercial Landscape Development

Commercial landscaping is such an important factor for outdoor spaces in a variety of settings, be they in the retail, industrial, governmental or educational sphere. As a natural extension of horticulture, it takes a great deal of expertise to take care of the necessary planning, design, and eventual installation of what can be a complex process with many stages.

Landscaping complements a building’s purpose and architecture, as well as draws attention to its main features. It also guides visitors in how they should use the area, with elements like seating determining how long they spend there. It’s about putting the building center-stage and providing a professional, well-kempt image to the outside world.

Knowing What Good Landscaping Looks Like

It stands to reason then, that when attempting to decide on the right landscape implementation, there are a number of considerations that need to be made. Well-performed landscaping makes sense for any business in terms of both economy and aesthetics, so it’s important to get it right.

So, before you run your best commercial landscape development search online and start making calls, look at our pick of the 10 most important considerations that you need to make. By reading to the end, you’ll be able to ask the right questions to the landscape companies and be able to choose the best landscape development that’s worth your time, money, and effort.


#1 - Understand What Landscaping Involves

A commercial landscape  project is something with many parts, starting with an overall vision, followed by planning, design and eventual installation. That’s not all either, as there’s maintenance, warranties and more, and that’s before we start talking about management, so you need to discuss all of these factors regarding landscape development with the company you choose. A good landscape contractor needs to have a deep understanding of all the required elements.

By doing a little research into the subject, you’ll not only arm yourself with some useful insight but also gain an understanding of how to go about achieving your landscaping goals.

#2 - It’s Not All About the Services Offered

 When you employ the services of a landscaping company, it’s often a long-term relationship, which is why you need to look beyond the services offered. Of course, they need to have the relevant experience and expertise, but good communication and transparency are also vital for a good ongoing working relationship.

Other factors like reliability, honesty and punctuality are all things you should be looking for, as without them, you’re likely to have problems eventually.

#3 - Sustainable Practices Are a Must

In the 21st century, green practices are crucial for businesses, with environmental protection needing to sit high on any company’s list of priorities. The same goes for landscape development projects. Your landscape development project needs to consider the right things when it comes to green waste and the use of fertilizers and pesticides.

 Irrigation is another area in which any landscape project needs to focus on safeguarding the environment, using water conservation techniques that minimize water consumption.


#4 - Low Prices Can Mean Corners Cut

There’s little doubt that budget considerations need to be met when developing a landscape project, but it’s important to note that super-low prices aren’t necessarily a good sign. Doing the job right requires a team with a diverse set of skills, as well as managers, crew leaders, designers and architects - all of which cost money.

This collaboration isn’t going to be possible if the prices quoted are exceptionally low, which can only mean a substandard result will ensue.

#5 - Climate & Weather Have a Bearing

A good landscaping development takes into consideration that every geographical region will have different requirements in terms of rainfall, soil and temperature. Within these areas, you’ll find microclimates, which need to be accounted for when selecting the right trees, plants, grass and shrubs for the area in question. So, you should consider this during those initial discussions with your landscape contractor.

Any commercial landscaping company  worth their salt will be able to find the ideal solution for your needs, while also taking these variables into consideration.


#6 - Landscaping is a Year-Round Job

Another important metric when considering a landscaping project is the fact that the job is one that needs to be tended to throughout the four seasons. Each season will also bring its own challenges and requirements and a well-kept outdoor area takes ongoing maintenance, such as clearing leaves, prepping for frost, pruning and more.

You need to think what’s necessary to keep your current plants healthy, rather than having to shoulder the cost of continually having to replace them.

#7 - Don’t Scrimp on Maintenance

Time and tide wait for no man, as they say, and neither does nature. Maintenance of your outdoor spaces is something that you can’t ignore, as it won’t be long until they’re overgrown and making your premises look unprofessional. A good commercial landscaping company  will offer ongoing maintenance, so don’t dismiss it out of hand.

Mowing, tree-trimming, weeding and maintenance of irrigation equipment are all elements that need ongoing attention, so the expense is absolutely justified.

10-important-factors-landscaping#8 - Don’t Lose Focus on Functionality

Aesthetics are an important part of landscaping, sure, but it’s not the only thing you need to think about. When it’s done correctly, well-created outdoor spaces provide a vibrant and welcoming feel while also clearly highlighting the building’s entrance and best features.

Landscaping design can also help to designate walkways, and parking areas and frame the area for a better experience for clients, employees and passers-by.

#9 - Look Through the Terms & Conditions

While it might be tempting to dive in and get started when you find out what kind of a landscape development you want and a landscaping contractor  that you like the look of, you still need to do your due diligence. This means asking lots of questions and taking a good look through the terms and conditions of the contract.

It should contain agreed timelines, schedules and service details, as well as elements like liability insurance cover and mechanisms for issue resolution. Doing so means you won’t miss anything important that will come back to bite you later.

#10 - It’s an Investment That Will Pay You Back

Lastly, we reiterate the importance of well-maintained outdoor spaces, as they can’t be underestimated. Maintained well, your landscape will attract people and provide a positive, professional image to the outside world. Poorly maintained areas, however, will have the opposite effect.

Of course, it will take up a portion of your budget, but it’s 100% worth it, as the investment typically comes back to you many times over in the image you present.

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Yasin Otuzoglu

Written by Yasin Otuzoglu

Yasin Otuzoglu graduated as a Landscape Architect from the Department of Landscape Architecture of Ankara University’s Faculty of Agriculture. He is a Founding Partner and Member of the Board of Directors at Karaoglu Peyzaj A.Ş. He is also a founder and partner of Adaplant A.Ş, which produces ornamental plants at international standards with Dutch know-how. He takes part in many non-governmental organizations; he was a board member of the Ornamental Plants Producers Union of Turkey (SÜSBİR) and a councilor of the Ankara Chamber of Commerce. He is President of TMMOB Chamber of Landscape Architects and the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors at ELCA (European Landscape Contractors Association).

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